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Is your website currently getting increased traffic? Is it coping? We can make fixes, tweaks & tune-ups.


We Get It

You saw the ad on TV, it looked great. It had a 'celebrity' in it. It said, “no design experience needed.” It said it was free. It lied.


We've Seen It Before

A co-worker's kid "did Web design at school" but now they've botched it & given up.


It Happens All The Time

You were sold a "future proof" Website. It already looks dated, has incorrect information & has become a security risk.


True Story

The budget has completely blown out. You've already paid double the original quote and now they want more.

The Website Rescue Specialists

We’ve seen ugly.
We’ve seen unusable.
We’ve seen worse than yours.

There are so many ways your Website project can go wrong. Budget blowouts, online self-build platforms that are not as easy as they promised & are not free; That 'budget' studio who 'specialise in small businesses' only offer a small number of templates with few customisation options; the friend who could 'do Web design' that was in over their head & shouldn't have taken your project in the first place. These are not made up scenarios, these are real life situations that we've seen during our years in the Web industry.

This Is How We Do It.

We believe that your Website should satisfy your business needs first. How many empty 'news' sections have you seen. Lots right! We put you & your business first. We wont force you onto a platform that is unsuitable for you just because we like it or insist on features that you'll never use. We give you a fair, fixed price quote for the project & when we say the price is fixed, we mean fixed.

Website Rescues & Updates


We've worked with many clients who've fallen for shady operators who offered a cheap website but didn't deliver a useable product. We've also worked with clients who attempted to self-build online but found it too hard & time consuming. There's almost nothing that we can't fix.

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Website Health Checks & Upgrades

Website Health Checks & Upgrades

We run a series of diagnostic tests to ensure your entire digital footprint is up to scratch. From security checks of your Website to deep checks on your domain, web hosting & other online locations. We'll provide an easy to understand report with our findings & recommendations.

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Website Maintenance & Managmement

Website Maintenance & Managmement

We keep your site running smoothly. We manage every aspect of your online presence from website security patches & system updates to search engine management.

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New Project Design & Build

New Project Design & Build

Fixing & rescuing Websites isn't our only service. We also design & build brand new webites for our clients. We work closely with you to get the best result for your business & because we understand the sometimes there are financial restraints we'll work out a payment plan just for you.

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FREE! Advice

FREE! Advice

Got a question about something Website or Web related? Hit the chat box in the bottom right & we'll be happy to try and help you out.

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We're Digital Natives

[dij-i-tl ney-tiv]

The term digital native describes a person who has grown up in the digital age, rather than having acquired familiarity with digital systems as an adult

We're User Advocates

[yoo-zer ad-vuh-kit]

User advocates suspend their own personal point of view to see a product through the eyes of the user of that product enabling them to make recommendations to improve the user experience.

We're Web Specialists

[web spesh-uh-list]

A person who devotes themselves to one subject or to one particular branch of a subject or pursuit.

What We Won't Do

Rip You Off

GT Design Studio is a project of passion. Our designers & developers love what we do & see the studio as a way of giving something back to an industry that has served us well. Our prices are fair & won't break the bank.

Force You Into Anything

Got a self-build site that is ugly but you like the platform? No worries. We believe that your Website needs to work for you so we'll never force you into making decisions that are not right for you. Our developers are experienced in all the major self-build platforms.

Use Templates

One size doesn't fit all. One of the biggest problems with self building platforms is the inflexible nature of the templates that they use. They have come a long way in the last few years but we believe that a custom build is the only way to go.

Get Technical

You won't need to know your bits from your bytes or the difference between a URL & a domain name. Let's just say we do the interwebnet stuff. If you do want to know tell us & we'll talk about it for hours - we REALLY love it!

Offer For Registered Not-For-Profit Organisations

Giving Back To Those Who Give Back

Our unique situation gives us the perfect opportunity to offer our professional Website design & development services to registered charities, government schools & other not-for-profit organisations at a fraction of the usual cost.

Email us at [email protected] & tell us about your organisation & your needs.